Medes, Dara US Patent 7253824 Issued 8/7/07

Patent Storm reference:

US Patent 7253824 – Method and apparatus of providing wavefront color therapy


Application issue date

Application No. 10713912 filed on 05/02/2003, granted August 7, 2007

US Classes:

345/690, 607/88, Light application128/898, Methods362/84, LIGHT SOURCE OR LIGHT SOURCE SUPPORT AND LUMINESCENT MATERIAL362/555, 362/231 Different wavelengths

Field of Search

345/204, 345/690, Intensity or color driving control (e.g., gray scale)362/230, Particular wavelength362/231, 607/88, Light application 128/898 Methods

Examiners  Primary: Awad, Amr A.  Assistant: Sheng, Tom

Attorney, Agent or Firm  Koda & Androlia

US Patent References 6007569, 6357889, 6676284, 7014336

International Class G09G 5/10

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