Dara Medes Multimedia Technologies for Creating e-Learning Applications 2011 Conference

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Dara Medes Multimedia Technologies for Creating e-Learning Applications 2011 Conference

Multimedia Technologies for Creating e-Learning Applications
Professor Robert Workman, Computer Science Department, Dara Medes, Heather Medes, Southern Connecticut State University, John Nwangwu, New Haven, USA

Presented at the  March 27 2011, Seventh International Conference,
Universidad del Pais Vasca Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea, Bilbao, Spain

Overview:  A discussion of technologies used in developing e-Learning applications. Technologies discussed include: animation, video, interactive drag and drop, collision detection, and on screen drawing.
Stream: Technology in Education


Dara Medes

Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, Connecticut, US

Dara Medes specializes in educational technology with an emphasis in the use of inclusive classroom technology. She has worked in Adaptive Technology for over a decade. She has a background in Computer Science and has worked with technology for many years.  Ms. Medes holds a U.S. patent detailing technology to optimize function and cognition, Patent 7253824 – Method and Apparatus of Providing Wavefront Color Therapy. Her current interests include Medical Expert Systems for Clinical Teaching, Educational Multimedia, Technology to Optimize Learning, and Web-Based Learning.

Heather Medes

Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Heather Medes is a computer applications developer and principal in a Connecticut technology development firm. She has a specific interest in advancing technology and educational initiatives within the non-profit sector. She holds a U.S. Medical Technology Patent and develops visual accommodation, multi-lingual interactive teaching applications, hybrid applications, medical statistic and medical use computer applications.

John Nwangwu

Professor Public Health
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Professor Robert Workman

Professor Computer Science, Computer Science Department, Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, CT, USA

Professor Computer Science
Interests – Multimedia Scripting, Interactive Educational Games, Multimedia Applications

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